I know you may be a mom, a wife, a boss, a home maker. Those roles you play in your daily life are incredible, but it's time for your soul to get a standing ovation, and my camera sets the stage for you...

setting the stage for your soul to come alive...

I believe in the power of your story and

You are a queen. Period. As a queen among queens, I honor your journey. I honor what it took to get you on the other side of every moment you confronted to be victorious.

Imagine confronting fear knowing bravery is on the other side of it. Imagine knowing you are worth celebrating, and that what has happened to you does not define you but you define it by your perspective, by your perseverance by your permission to just being able to be yourself. I believe that you should wear a floral crown just because you want to, to tease your hair big, to get the shoes you love, to wear your make-up how you like it. I believe you should be you... and yours

the experience will be

I believing in treating every session like a celebration of your story! From helping your prep your outfits to fluffing your hair at the session, I'm like your bestie  with a camera.  


I am a master of posing any woman and making them look like a million bucks! I will lead you every single shot making your session easy while capturing your best angles


We laugh, joke, play, and all while making sure you look and feel flawless.


Every babe deserves to have her unique style celebrated... that means your session will be completely unique to your style


I believe your images should tell your story.
for the next generation

Honestly, after my first session and all of those crazy nerves and emotions I felt like 1 million bucks and I felt like I gained my confidence back and being brave and doing something for myself and feeling Beautiful! Your images have completely wowed me! You are truly talented! Thank you again!!!

"I gained my confidence back"


 I've done a number of shoots with Lecia and she is genuinely the most empowering and loving photographer I have ever met. She make me feel so comfortable being myself and captures a side of me I sometimes forget about. Thank you for your time, effort, and creativity.

"She make me feel so comfortable being myself... 


Lecia's experience is beyond amazing. Before doing session with her, I felt so shy in front of the camera. I didn't know what to do with my hands, how to pose AT ALL and was nervous before ANY type of photo session. She helped me gain confidence, pose like a BOSS BABE and now I feel completely confident in front of the camera. She really makes you feel so gorgeous and helps you through each step of the process. She will make you look and feel incredible!

"She helped me
gain confidence..."


This has been one of he most epic times of my life and thanks to Lecia she is capturing some of the most important moments of my life... Before, I was hesitant, insecure, unsure, and didn't feel as confident to think I was worthy of taking these styles of shoots, but wow did she prove me wrong! During the sessions she's amazing and such a motivator and makes you feel sexy, strong and fierce!!! And then when the final images were revealed!...Absolutely breath taking how you see yourself on the other end of the spectrum ....

Absolutely breath taking how you see yourself ...


I decided to join Brave Babes 2.0 with the encouragement of my daughter Samantha. “Come on Mom, it will be fun!” I put all my faith in Lecia McDermott. Could she really turn this 60ish woman into a BABE? When my first image projected behind me, the room went wild. The volume was extraordinary. THAT reaction sealed the deal for me. Do not ever let age, size or circumstances deter you from enjoying what life has to offer. 

"Could she really turn this 60ish woman into a BABE?"


While I find strength and security in my faith, I knew that being a Brave Babe would be life changing. I had just gone through a very dark time and my insecurities had reached a peak but I had no idea how much amazing I was about to experience! Through the empowering stylized sessions, fashionable creativity and the ridiculously beautiful photos that Lecia has produced, I've been gifted the ability to face life with a fierce new perspective! Lecia's visions are limitless and I'm beyond excited to see the epic places she is taking her amazing ideas... 

I knew that being a Brave Babe would be life changing...


take theirs 
don't take my word for it...

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